Chasing Inspiration

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Vince Flynn!

I am so psyched for this new book. And for the signing that will come with it. Yes, I'm one of those fans. I wait anxiously for a book to come out and then I wait with even more anxiety for a listing of book tours so I can sit around in my favorite places (bookstores with cafes) and have the author sign my book. I love pumping authors with questions about how they developed the book, their writing techniques and habits, and anything else they can share with me about the insider scoop. Such is the life of the unpublished writer.

I love Vince Flynn. His writing is tight and his characters grow with each story that comes along. I'm two books behind this one right now. Vince hasn't been a hardcover autobuy yet but he just became one because I hate the new style of paperback S&S is coming out with for their "top" authors. You know the size, about as wide and deep as a regular mass market paperback but taller. And more expensive. Honestly, people, if you're going to go to the trouble to make the book a little taller, just make it a trade paperback and call it good.

Anyway, because I don't like the new size of paperback, I'm now looking desperately for hardcover copies of Memorial Day and Consent to Kill in addition to picking up this very new, very sleek looking hc of Acts of Treason. The husband is going to hate me, but I want what I want and since I read these books first, he has no say, now does he. Besides, with the coupons Barnes & Noble gives out, I can get AOT for about $4 more than those new ugly paperbacks.

Oh, and fyi, I'm listening to Mr. Flynn on a local radio station and his advice to upping sales - release your new book in the fall. This doesn't mean you'll top the best seller lists, but you'll sell more copies because you're close to the holidays. And books tend to get more exposure close to holidays. But don't go to fall too early in your career because everyone is vying for a fall spot. I'm not going to love this publishing/marketing thing when I finally do publish, am I? Ugh. Still, sage advice, thank you Vince.

I'm off to head to B&N for my copy. Darn, another perfectly good writing day shot to hell because of the lure of a good book. Oh well, what's a girl to do? *grin*

I Really Should Be Writing, but....

It's been one of those weeks. I should be writing. The story is really starting to take form and I really should stick with it before I lose it, like I normally do. But there are so many good books out and I'm not one for delayed gratification, lol! So, instead of writing as much as I had hoped, I read the following books instead:

Dead Beat by Jim Butcher
I really, really, really love this series. I don't know what my fascination with vampires, wizards, faeries, etc., is but I'm sure glad I can pick up one of these books to get a nice fix. Jim has great storytelling skills and his characters are anything but flat. I learn much about the craft of genre fiction by reading Jim's books.

Morrigan's Cross and Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts
These are my escape books of the month. Nora has a very interesting take on the vampire genre and I'm anxious to see how this trilogy will end. So far I love Larkin, the shapeshifting hottie from another realm. Cian is another hottie. He's the vamp in the trilogy. Basically, this series is about six people with strong convictions, bravery and special powers who have been called by the celtic goddess Morrigan to battle the vampire queen and save all the worlds from a terrible fate. Yeah, I know, the premise seems very mellow dramatic and the first book feels that way for the first half to two thirds, but as the first book really builds steam and flows into the second book, you start to believe these people could be real and their quest is important. So far, so good.

Juliet's Law by Ruth Wind

This is only the second Ruth Wind I've ever read and fortunately it's part of a trilogy. The first book to be exact. This is the journey of a woman who has been raped and how she finds herself again. The book takes place in Colorado and infuses a lot of Native American spiritual beliefs into the story line. It was a satisfying read and I look forward to the nest two books, as the series is about three sisters. It doesn't hurt that the hero appealed to my baser side- yum!

Norah's Ark by Judy Baer

This is my feel good inspirational read of the month. It's a cute story about a woman who followed her dream and opened a pet store. You learn that Norah is a caring woman who loves to fix things. But she can't fix the mix-ups that occur when she is sucked into the drama of her best friend's love life or when she realizes that the man she could fall in love with cannot stand her dog. While this book doesn't address deep spriritual issues, it does show how daily reliance on God and strong communcation and trust impact relationships. Truly a fun read.

There have been more books, but they obviously aren't as memorable to me at the moment. I have way too many books on the to-be-read pile, too many assignments for the paying job to complete, too much to do with renovations and too little time to get it all done and write my book. Such is my life. If I could harness the energies I have for online shopping and surfing for good instead of evil, maybe I could find my way. *grin*