Chasing Inspiration

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Updates on my life

1. I'm exhausted. After a long weekend. Go figure. *g*

2. We put Denali's stuff (dog dish, treat canister, leash, grooming tools, etc) in a rubbermaid container yesterday. It was a very hard day. Like saying good-bye all over again.

3. I'm knitting my first real project. A little lap blanket. I'll post pictures as soon as there's enough of the blanket to make interesting pictures.

4. I like knitting, even if it makes my hands hurt a bit. I think I hold on to the yarn and needles a tad tight. *shrugs* I'll learn to unclench. *g*

5. No writing this weekend because I was sealing grout in the bathroom. I think I did something wrong. I did a test and sprayed water on the grout. In some places it beaded off like it's supposed to. In other places the grout absorbed the water. Not supposed to happen. *sighs*

6. Still waiting for the counter top/ sink we ordered three weeks ago. They said it would be done in two weeks. Yeah, right. For every day you delay, I'm going to demand money off my bill. Like that's going to make a difference.

7. Watched Firefly this weekend while grouting. I never get tired of that show. I hear that Fox is going to release a newly packaged box set with new extra features and crap. Cuz I need another copy of the show on DVD. *snort* Still, you know I'll buy it. I'm such a sucker.

8. Starting this week I get to work from home on Fridays. You have no idea how huge a deal this is. Finally, a day where I can sleep in a little and make it to work on time. And I don't have to get all dolled up for the office. I'm so excited!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Good Reads - April

Rogue by Rachel Vincent -- Book two of her Werecats series. Wow. The world building is excellent, the main character grows in this book and the plot threads bring more urgency to the world of the werecats. A very good read!

No Control by Shannon K. Butcher -- I liked No Regrets. Didn't love it, but liked it. No Control I loved. SB's storytelling was spot on and her characters were delightfully flawed and yet somehow made me care about what happened to them. The villain was wicked and needy. Loved it!

Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian -- I have had this book in my to-be-read mountain for some time. But I didn't want to start yet another vampire series. I'm not sorry I read the book, but it didn't wow me. I'm going to read the next book in the series because the first book of a series is always the set up book and that means it's usually not the best book in the series. We'll see.

Smart & Sexy by Jill Shalvis -- reread

Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie -- reread

Thigh High by Christina Dodd -- I've read all of CD's contemporaries. They were all good. I've read some of CD's historicals. None of them grabbed me. I haven't read CD's paranormal series. I have to say that Thigh High is the best book I have read by CD ever! Great plotting. Excellent characterization. And the setting - you can't go wrong with New Orleans!

In Twilight's Shadow by Patti O'Shea -- O.M.G! This was an amazing story. Seriously. I loved it. Everything about it. The characters, the paranormal world, the plot, the action. Everything! This is the second book in Patti's Light Warriors series and it is just amazing. No vamps. LOL. Magic (dark and light), demons, politics, redemption and trust are all themes and they weave through the story in amazing, and surprising ways. Patti is a must read!

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer -- I have put off reading this series because I buck following the trends. I was 4 books late with Harry Potter. Three books late for the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I'm late again with Twilight and I'm just fine with that. This young adult series is all the rage, and while I enjoyed the first book, I'm not sure what the rage is about. I'm waiting for the library to let me know the second book is available for me to read. Maybe I'll figure it out when I read more of the series.

The Spymaster's Lady by Joanna Bourne -- I wish Joanna Bourne had a website. She has a blog, but I can't find it. Anyway, if you like historical novels and you like something a little different in your stories, run and get this book! There are amazing twists and turns and characters that leap off the page. The Napoleonic wars never looked so good. *g*

Mouth to Mouth by Erin McCarthy -- There are uses for candy in this book that I never thought possible. S'all I'm sayin'! LOL

You've Got Male by Elizabeth Bevarly -- This is a rerelease of EB's Opus series. This was a fun read and I'm looking forward to the library alerting me to the next two books being available for check out.

Raine by Elizabeth Amber -- If you thought Nicholas was freaky strange for an historical erotica, then Raine is well beyond freaky strange. Interesting, but, well, wow. So not sure what I think, but I don't recommend this for the weak of heart.

Fast & Loose by Elizabeth Bevarly -- This was a sweet and funny romance that does but doesn't center around the Kentucky Derby. I was expecting more about racing and horses in this book, but they were rarely mentioned. That didn't detract from the two love stories the book contains or the great characters that EB created to entertain us all. A fun read!