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Monday, September 25, 2006

Books I'm looking forward to

I mentioned in an earlier post that Monica Pradhan's debut fiction novel was going to be released in October 2006. I've had to do a few web searches, but Bantam Dell/Random House now has her book, The Hindi-Bindi Club listed on their site with a release date of May 1, 2007 as a trade paperback. And available for pre-order.

No website or marketing or any other information about Monica's (mo-Nee-ka) new book, so I'll
keep you posted. I've been looking forward to this book for a few years now, I guess I can wait a little longer. *grin*

Farrah Rochon's debut novel Deliver Me, which is due out in stores in March 2007, is another book I'm anxiously waiting for. Farrah sold this took to Dorchester this past July. I've read some of the draft of this story and I have to say it's excellent. Not that I'm biased or anything. Farrah also happens to be a great friend of mine. I'm so very proud of her!

I'm also learned that T. L. Hines has a new book coming out next summer. According to Hines, The Dead Whisper On is not as dark as Waking Lazarus, not that I found WL dark. I found it fascinating and refreshing for a book by a Christian author. No preaching, no ranting, no agendas. Just a good story that had some faith in the story but was overall very entertaining and made me ask myself some questions. I've also read that WL is in it's second printing. Go T. L.! We should all be so lucky.

Those are just a few books I'm looking forward to. There are many more, but I need to cut back on what I read so I can put more time into what I write. Farrah, Monica and T. L. have inspired me to really dig deep into my current WIP because perhaps there is a place for me in the big bad world of publication.

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