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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

As if Squirrels Weren't Bad Enough

Woodpeckers have decided the side of the house under the soffits are perfect for pecking and for finding bugs. They love to peck. All. Fricking. Day. Long! We're in the middle of renovations so there isn't siding up under the soffits. And there isn't Tyveck up either. Just exposed paneling. Which would be fine. Except for the damn woodpeckers. UGH!

You know, I'll be lucky if I have a house standing by the time this winter is over. And it's not even really winter yet. Just a wet fall. Reason number 2594 that you should pay someone to do the work for you when you renovate.

Check back soon. You never know. I may have a family of deer moved in by then. With the squirrels and the woodpeckers, anything is fricking possible. *sigh*

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  1. Naomi, I feel your pain! We have woodpeckers here too, and since there are parts of the roof where they can still slip through the cracks, not only do they peck like crazy, I also hear them up in our rafters sometimes when I wake up.

    I keep telling my hubby to seal those cracks! LOL. However, I'll gladly take woodpeckers over the huge daddy long leg infestation we had earlier in the year. We bug bombed the heck out of those suckers. :)