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Monday, November 05, 2007

NaNo Day 5

So far, so good. I didn't write this weekend. I know, I know. What was I thinking? I was thinking that it was really nice to enjoy the last warm days of the season and that it was really wet giving the dog a bath.

Not to worry. Today I was on a role and able to write about 20 pages. Yes, 20 lovely pages, each containing roughly 250 words. Which brings my page count to 8020 words in the last 5 days! And it didn't take me forever. I wrote for about 3 hours. Well, I instant messaged, did some online research and wrote for 3 hours.

This means I can write faster than I think I can. Which is amazing! If I can write for an hour a day and make 5 pages consistently, I could potentially write more than one book a year. Whoop!

Of course, I'm trying to not get ahead of myself and to just keep writing this book. No clear plot yet, but I'm really enjoying the two main characters. We'll see where the month takes me.

Happy writing!

ETA: Well, I got caught up in the story and am now up to a 5 day total of 8535 words! The last 500 words written in the last 30 minutes. Phew!


  1. Hey, I saw you from SEP BB announcing April's baby.

    I just finally got back into writing. I didn't know it would take forever to get 1000 words!

    And I realized I absolutely know nothing about grammar. Nothing!

    Just wanted to say "Hi!

  2. It can take a long time, or no time at all. It all depends on how fast you write. I used to take forever, but about 4 manuscripts and a million false starts later, I write very fast and my first draft is something I just let flow. I don't plot. I don't try to figure everything out. And I don't go back and edit. I think of it as my "idea" draft. I keep what works, toss what doesn't and fix all the stuff in between.

    Good luck as you keep writing! AS for the grammar, if you're relying on MS Word to tell you if your grammar is on or not, stop! It's only a machine. Pick up a good book on grammar. I like The Little Brown Handbook. It's a little text book used in many college freshman writing courses.