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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Final NaNo Update & Other News

Well, NaNo ended, gosh, two weeks ago. I topped out at 40,000 words. I'm still working on the story, though.

What I learned:

I learned that when life is going my way, I can write a damned fast first draft. A first draft full of plot holes and character inconsistencies, but a fast rough draft nonetheless. When life isn't going my way, I can still write a fast first draft. And I can write nearly daily without pooping out.

I also learned that when I let the story flow, the story goes a long way. I just have to get out of it's way while it's forming.

That a rough draft in a month is not impossible. Challenging, yes, but not impossible

What's Next:

I have to recover and get ready for Christmas. The MIL is visiting. Arriving next week in fact. Which means I need to have 5 months of the cheque book reconciled, the guest room cleaned out, the bathroom and kitchen scrubbed, and somehow inject myself with a good attitude.

Why a good attitude? Because we've been sick for two weeks, work is scary busy with no end in sight, and my poor car was hit. Totally the other person's fault. It's drivable and it's old enough we aren't as worried about the body damage as we are any damage to the suspension. *sigh* It always seems to pour at our house. Especially when I really really want to get into the story.

Eh, what doesn't kill us is fodder for our writing, right?

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