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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Updates on my life

1. I'm exhausted. After a long weekend. Go figure. *g*

2. We put Denali's stuff (dog dish, treat canister, leash, grooming tools, etc) in a rubbermaid container yesterday. It was a very hard day. Like saying good-bye all over again.

3. I'm knitting my first real project. A little lap blanket. I'll post pictures as soon as there's enough of the blanket to make interesting pictures.

4. I like knitting, even if it makes my hands hurt a bit. I think I hold on to the yarn and needles a tad tight. *shrugs* I'll learn to unclench. *g*

5. No writing this weekend because I was sealing grout in the bathroom. I think I did something wrong. I did a test and sprayed water on the grout. In some places it beaded off like it's supposed to. In other places the grout absorbed the water. Not supposed to happen. *sighs*

6. Still waiting for the counter top/ sink we ordered three weeks ago. They said it would be done in two weeks. Yeah, right. For every day you delay, I'm going to demand money off my bill. Like that's going to make a difference.

7. Watched Firefly this weekend while grouting. I never get tired of that show. I hear that Fox is going to release a newly packaged box set with new extra features and crap. Cuz I need another copy of the show on DVD. *snort* Still, you know I'll buy it. I'm such a sucker.

8. Starting this week I get to work from home on Fridays. You have no idea how huge a deal this is. Finally, a day where I can sleep in a little and make it to work on time. And I don't have to get all dolled up for the office. I'm so excited!


  1. I'm very glad you like knitting. Holding the needles too tightly is a very common problem among beginners and just takes time to work itself out. As you grow more confident in your skill, you'll relax. :)

    I think we may be getting Phury this week, though I won't know for sure until I call Dawn in the morning. If she does get it in, I'll drive it out to you Thursday evening or Friday, whichever works for you. It's about time I drive you you, huh? LOL

  2. Oh, I've reached the point where I can go no further with this skein of yarn. I don't know how to switch to a new skein! LOL. Perhaps you can show me when you come over to my part of the world.

    Friday would work best. I work at home Fridays now. I do need to head to the bank, but I can do that first thing in the morning. You can come see the house, and then we can head to a local Starbucks or Panera or somewhere. *g*

  3. Joining a new skein is pretty basic, if a little awkward at first. Just get the new yarn into your right hand as you do to knit with it. With the fingers of your left hand, hold together the end of the old slein and the beginning of the new skein and keep them kind of taut. Then just start knitting with the new yarn. You can let go of the yarn ends after a few stitches.

    The edge stitches where you switched skeins will be loose, but don't worry about that. You can tug on the ends a bit to tighten them and when I show you how to weave in the ends, the stitches will stay snug.