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Friday, August 08, 2008

I Am A Lobster

Yesterday there was a celebration for the successful launch of a project at work. We went to this fantastic British-style pub down town and had all sorts of great food, beer, wine and desserts. We also played lawn bowling on a green they put on the roof of the building.

We were outside for three hours. I forgot my sunscreen. I'm whiter than white and since moving to MN I have been burning rather than tanning so I generally slather the body in sunscreen before heading out for any length of time. Well, I suffered for my oversight.

My face is red, my chest is bright angry lobster red in the square-neck pattern of the shirt I was wearing (and freaking sore!) and my lower arms from elbow to the tops of my hands are red. This is the worst burn I've had in years. I know that eventually it will fade and I will have interesting tan lines. But today, while I try to work, I'm sore and tired of the The Man refering to me as a reverse raccoon. Silly, stupid man.

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