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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Soundtrack Friday

I was cleaning out the office this week and came across several files of stories I had started writing in the 90s. Some of these were fun little short stories for friends. Others were chapters of books I had started and gotten lost in the plot development so put aside. I had a fun time reading through the bits and pieces of drabble when I stumbled on an outline for a story that sounds eerily close to Mallory's story. I didn't remember writing it, but it looks like Mallory has been with me for quite a while.

In the outline were snippets of themes and one theme had "Will You Be There" written beside it. I figured it must have been a reference to Heart's 1993 hit Will You Be There (In the Morning) from their album Desire Walks On. I love that album. It has some of my favorite angry music on it. I hopped over to my iTunes and played the song and sure enough, this song expresses in tone and chorus what Mallory fears. That everyone she loves will leave. It's a universal theme, something almost everyone I know has felt, if fleetingly, at one time or another. And the song got me into Mallory's head quickly so I added it to my Mallory soundtrack.

Today's Soundtrack Friday is Heart and Will You Be There (In the Morning).


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