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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Today is Hallowe'en. In days of yore this would have meant I was prepping the house for trick-or-treaters. It would also mean that the husband's family may have had a monthly gathering to celebrate October birthdays and carve pumpkins. I admire people who can carve them with intricate designs, but I always feel bad for the poor pumpkin I am asked to carve. I can't carve worth crap and my pumpkin faces always look messed up rather than funny or scary. So I have put a ban on myself to keep me from inflicting harm on the poor things. It was the humane thing to do.

Where we live there aren't any children who go door-to-door requesting candy. Yes, there are children, but the malls and community centers around our neighborhood do a wonderful job of hosing trick-or-treat events inside. Which is a good thing as the weather being nice is a crap shoot. That and drivers don't seem to want to slow down on our street, making navigation much like a Mortal Kombat version of Frogger.

I miss those days of yore. It was always fun to see the kids in their costumes, which would often inspire me to get into costume myself. It was also always fun to see delight in those happy faces when I would drop a full sized candy bar into their bags. That's right, no fun sized candy at my house for Halloween!

Tonight I will be working on the budget for November instead of being part of the Halloween festivities. What are your plans for tonight?


  1. Hey, i gave you an award at my blog today. come check it out. Love reading your stuff.

  2. Hey you! I'm spreading the love!

  3. Awards! I'll have to check. Thanks Melanie and J. :) You make me smile.