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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Sorry for the lengthy absence. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and I have learned to be okay with that. Know that I have missed you and I have missed being here.

I don't often listen to the radio. My commute is no longer lengthy and honestly, I'm not a fan of most of the DJs on the stations in my market. I either listen to talk radio, my iPod or CDs. Or nothing. The voices in my head can provide me endless hours of entertainment when I let them. *grin*

My husband drove my car over the weekend and he never returns the radio to the station I was last listening to. I shouldn't have been shocked when I started the engine and music poured out of the speakers in ear splitting waves. Husband has a bit of a hearing problem. What did surprise me was the station he was listening to. He's not a pop guy. He's a classic rock and sometimes country guy. What I was listening to was pop. Specifically Taylor Swift. I call her a pop artist because even though she is technically country she is played on our pop and top 40 stations. She's ear candy. She's sometimes annoying. And she's everywhere.

Yes, I've been hiding under a rock because this was the first time I heard her song Trouble. The verse started out in Taylor's typical pop manner - a little upbeat with what I would call her trademark staccato word/syllable repetition. Then came the chorus and I was hooked. I can do without the verses, but the chorus, it's become an earworm. At first it was pleasant. I like the chorus, having it repeat in my head was kind of nice. Now, after several hours of the darn song playing on repeat in my brain? Not so much.

I think I need to plug in my iPod and listen to some Matchbox Twenty or P!nk. Maybe some Rush. Anything to get Taylor's quickly turning annoying earworm of a song out of my head before I go postal. Taylor, I knew you were trouble with this song. Shame on me now...


  1. I totally understand about that song! I listen to the radio in the car. It's too much of a pain to hook up the iPod. I listen to the iPod at work. At home, I listen to Pandora for the variety, but I wake up to the radio and listen to it in the car (which is 1-2 hours a day).

    I've been all Mumford and Sons lately on the heels of the concert, but I'll probably switch to P!nk to get ready for her concert next month. *g*

  2. I missed out on tickets to P!nk, but I hear she's amazing in concert. I hope you have an excellent time. :)

    I read your post on the Mumford and Sons concert. They are a lot of fun. I'm considering expanding my music library to include them. I just added Phillip Phillips. He reminds me a lot of DMB.

  3. Taylor has quickly become tiresome. She's saturated the market, and now she's predictably trying to throw off her clean image by being provocative and sexual. I'm weary of young women trying to define 'sexy' with sex. Anyway, have you tried ZZ Ward? See if you like her:

  4. MJ, I really enjoyed ZZ Ward's video. I think the Husband would enjoy her as well. I'm off to Amazon or B&N to purchase her CD now...