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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Chirstmas Fail

  1. Cozy and colorful pashminas that double as scarves and shawls in this period of fluctuating temperatures
  2. Herbs and spices that allow for a myriad of combinations of flavors and make what could be boring old chicken taste like a party in your mouth
  3. People who send me Christmas/holiday cards even though I haven't sent any out in years
I have been incredibly busy for the last few weeks. This means that despite my best laid plans, I will not be sending out Christmas cards this year. At least not before Christmas. I think people will be lucky to get gifts by the big day. Every year I tell myself I will plan better and every year in November something occurs that eats up my time and energy. My saving grace? Gift cards.

I refuse to feel guilty about this - the gift cards fall back or the fact that every year it's a rush to get done what I can for the people I love and cherish. Life is busy and priorities need to be juggled. Next year I may try to get everything done in August when life is quieter and I have more time on my hands. Yes, I'm putting that on the calendar right now.

I can see how that will work. I'll be at the cabin and writing out my Christmas letter while sitting on the dock and baking in the sun. Knitting will take place during evenings while watching TV or chatting with friends. I will be addressing cards during breaks at work or on Sunday afternoons while the husband is watching the football pre-season. Gift cards will be purchased and secreted away, wher I can find them come November of course!

Yes, maybe next year I will use the summer months to get the majority of my Christmas planning and execute done. and maybe in 2014, you will actually receive a card from me. But don't hold your breath.

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