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Monday, December 16, 2013

A Little Winter Whine

  1. The wonders of email, instant messaging, Facebook, and other means of online communication that allow me to stay in touch with friends and family
  2. Holiday themed movies that amuse and delight me year after year
  3. My Pilates instructor, Jenny, who has amazing insight and an incredible ability to teach and connect with her clients.
If there was doubt before, this is no doubt is winter. Last week we had bitter cold temperatures, which warmed up nicely over the weekend but are going to plunge again toward the end of the week. We also have snow. Lots of the fluffy white stuff. I'm not complainings as I am not the one who needs to clear the driveway and I have snowshoes to assist me if it happens to snow a lot just before a jaunt to the dog park.

What I'm not enjoying is the cold. It occured to me that I don't like extremes in temperature. I melt in humidity. I can't get warm in really cold weather. I told the husband that I want to move to Santa Barbara. It's close enough to mountains that we can get our snow fix and has seasons...I think. It's no the ocean, which would make me super happy. It's expensive so I think we would both need to sell the majority of our internal organs in order to afford the cost of living. Sigh. It's a dream. One I will hold close during the dark and frigid days of winter.

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  1. Weather here is pretty mild. The bitter cold doesn't last long when it hits. We have a little heat wave right now. The rain is making it damp and humid, but it's not bitter cold (that'll come in time for Christmas).

    I really need 4 seasons so I couldn't do pleasant weather all year round. I try to remember complaining about the heat when the winter comes and vice versa. It doesn't work.