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Monday, February 17, 2014

Of Pyjamas and Tulips

  1. My husband's willingness to do the laundry when I'm feeling overwhelmed or sick or generally don't want to
  2. That Canada is doing as well as they are so far in the 2014 Olympic games
  3. Rest
  4. Bonus gratitude - the lovely tulips my husband got me for Valentine's day.
We don't generally celebrate Valentine's Day. It's not because we're objecting to rampant consumerism (if we felt this way, we would also forgo Christmas). We like to go out and enjoy various activities together, but my husband isn't fond of crowds due to a hearing issue and he has quite a bit of introversion running through is veins. So instead of going out for Valentine's Day we usually spend an evening in with pizza and a movie on Netflix.

We also don't exchange gifts on Valentine's Day, though I have been known to slip a silly card in my husband's lunch bag now and again. Or surprise him with a dinner he particularly enjoys. And he used to be in the habit of getting me flowers on a monthly basis. Which is really more impressive than remembering to get flowers for Valentine's.

I decided I was going to take Friday off of work. I've been putting in a lot of long hours and I wanted a break. Just me, the dog. Sleeping in a little. Watching my new favorite show that is no longer on the air (Leverage), and doing some reading. I was going to take myself out for breakfast but decided spending the day in my pyjamas was more tempting. I never spend all day in my PJ's anymore!

I had this nagging feeling that I should let my husband know sooner rather than later that I would be at home and not the office on Friday. And good thing, too! He ordered the tulips for me with a Thursday or Friday delivery. Had they been delivered Friday, I would have had to go in to the office to pick them up. Something I could not do in my pyjamas.

We had our pizza and watched a DVD I purchased for Christmas while snuggled on the couch, my lovely tulips on a table near the TV, and the dog curled up into a ball on his pillow. The perfect Valentine's Day.

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  1. Nice! We did nothing for Valentine's Day which is typical. We were all snowed in. We baked Valentine's Day cookies though and left to go to Maryland with my family. Still, it was a good but hectic one. I had my 3-hour glucose test that took up most of the day, and Rob drove me so I wouldn't further hurt my ankle. So, that was nice. *g* We did have dinner out at least.