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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Of Scaredy Cats and Velcro Dogs


  1. We have an awesome vet who understands our dog is a bundle of neuroses and loves him anyway.
  2. Seanan McGuire, an author spins tales amazing enough to pull me away from my pain and into a world of whimsy, daring, and adventure. 
  3. Mator the Mutant Tomato plant will provide us about 40 more cherry tomatoes before we have to mulch him. I'm a little sad about that. The mulching, not the awesome tomatoes.
Velcro Dog had a new experience last week. It wasn't awesome.

We've been very lucky that Velcro Dog hasn't required more than a once yearly vet visit for a check up. He's fine walking into the lobby, playing sit/stay/lay down with me while we wait (and I arrive just in time so the waits are never long), and going into the examination room. He hates the scale and loves to cower when getting his temp checked, but over all he does very well.

He is now almost nine years old and at our last wellness check the vet informed me it was time. Velcro Dog needed his teeth cleaned.

With a resigned sigh, I made the appointment and in the ensuing weeks attempted to get Velcro Dog to become accustomed to the stairs and elevator at our vet's office. Why? Because he is an anxious dog and he dislikes unfamiliar indoor stairs with a passion. He also has never ridden in an elevator.

New experiences and Velcro Dog don't always go well together and no matter what I tried, I could not get him to go near the stairs or the elevator. He would sit and would not be budged until we went outside.

An unhappy Velcro Dog. 
I informed Hubs that his assistance would be required. At 0700 last Tuesday, we loaded Velcro Dog into the car and drove to the vet's office. We got him inside and Hubs had to carry him into the elevator. Once in the basement surgical suite, the dog was fine. He was hungry and sniffing for a treat for being a good dog, but fine. We left him there with a pick up time of 1800.

The cleaning went well. He didn't require any extractions. He does have an bonus tooth that is behind one of his molars. Hubs refers to it as his shark tooth. It's not bothering Velcro Dog and it's healthy so the vet didn't see any reason to remove it.
I did get a call at 1400, however. Velcro Dog was anxious, could we pick him up earlier. I was available so I got to the vet and a shaking and whimpering Velcro Dog was released to my care. He slunk up the stairs and out the building, and dragged me to the lawn where he emptied his bladder forever. I got him in the car and started the incredibly short journey home, only to pull over a minute into the drive because the poor boy kept whining. I don't know if he was in pain, if he was feeling really out of it still due to the anesthetic, or what. I pulled over, got into the back of the car, and just sat there petting my baby until he settled and I could resume our trip home.

He was clingy and whimpery for the remainder of the afternoon/evening, and indicated he needed to go outside about every 20 minutes. By the time Hubs got home, I was exhausted. Hubs ordered take out and took over dog duty so I could rest.

It took three days for Velcro Dog to return to his normal self. His teeth are spotless. His breath is fresh. Hopefully we won't have another surgery visit any time soon for both our sakes. 

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