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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Let it Snow!


  1. Hubs took the week off and I'm very glad he did. We've had some great quality time together and he was home to shovel the snow this morning so I didn't have to.
  2. My friend's children. They are made of awesome and make me smile.
  3. Flowers. They brighten up a room even on the darkest winter's day.
I'm not going to look at when I last posted. I know it's been a while. I haven't had the best of winters so far but thanks to some new herbal therapies, the quality of my sleep may be getting better. Whoop!

It's definitely winter. Snow came last night in large fluffy flakes, which looked beautiful in the headlights as we came home from watching Spectre at a local theater. But didn't look so beautiful as they piled up in the driveway, requiring both the snowblower AND the shovel. Hubs did not ask me to assist in the snow removal, for which I am eternally grateful. The fibro is bad enough right now. Shoveling would push me into a catatonic state.

This afternoon as I ran errands so we would have kid friendly food for tomorrow (my friend's daughters are having a sleepover at our house), the streets were mostly cleared and traffic was light. The picture below was taken on a side street as I was making my way to Starbucks for a much needed green tea latte. 

Christmas day may have been a snowless yet frigid sea of green, but 2016 looks like it will be fluffy and white. As long as it continues to snow when it's convenient for Hubs to take care of the driveway, I'm good. 

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