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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Controlled Chaos of Simply Madness?

I've had a hard week. And it's only Tuesday. I don't know if it's because I'm burning myself out at the day job or if it's because we're renovating and I'm not "seeing" how we're going to ever get a bathroom back or if it's because my dog, who is 13-1/2 is having all those old age things happen to him all at once. Or because I have fibromyalgia and everything is finally getting to me. Then there's the issue with my iPod, but that should be minor since it's still under warranty.

No matter what the cause, I have no desire to do anything beyond sit and read. Not good. Especially since I need to:
  1. balance the cheque book
  2. reconcile said cheque book for May and June
  3. clean the "office" space at home which is mostly filing and tossing with some bill paying thrown in
  4. clean the kitchen - hard to do when the water to the house is turned off
  5. email the authors in my RWA chapter who have late August or early September releases
  6. update the master attendee list for my volunteer training work at my church
  7. get information on counter tops and ceiling fans for said renovations
  8. and figure out what it is I'm forgetting to do
  9. oh, and find time to write (duh)
Okay. I think I figured it out. The reason I'm so fricking out of sorts is because there is too much to do. I think it's time for me to start a chore chart at home and give myself gold stars when I finish all these things that are expected of me. And since I'm spending too much time on the computer playing or too much time on the deck reading, I should probably pull out my timer and give myself little spots of time to play in between my chores.

Sounds good in theory. When I work with my coaching clients we would develop a plan based on what motivates them. The sad thing for me, I don't know what's going to motivate me out of this funk. However, I do like the idea of the chore chart. Well, a modified chart that will help me to figure out what are my "must accomplish" and what are my "nice to haves". I think I might even assign certain tasks to days so I don't feel like I have to get it all done at once. That's another thing that's making me freak out. It's so much and the perfectionist in me wants it all done TODAY! I have news for myself. It's not going to happen. Permission to break tasks down. Permission to take some time to get things done.

Deep breath. I have a plan. The madness is still there in all it's looming glory. But I have a plan. I'm off to go through my in-box and then a 15 minute reading break. Ah, the simple things.


  1. You can do it Naomi. I had a "clean a room: read a chapter on my deck" last Saturday - it does work. And really since it is August does the May cheque log really have to be balanced? You can tell why I am not an accountant!
    Good luck sweetie - you can do anything for 15 minutes (or even 5)


  2. Hi Lor! Thank you for the reminder. I have that posted on my computer, fridge and my bathroom mirror. The lessons we forget. *grin*