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Friday, February 22, 2008

Time For Love

I'm not generally a fan of e-books. I think it's more the format of the book than the actual content. There's something soothing and visceral about holding a bound book in my hands and turning pages as I read. My aversion to the e-format has caused me to miss out on some wonderful stories by some very talented authors.

One such author, Kelly Kirch, allowed me to have an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of her debut novel
Time For Love. I really, really, really enjoyed this e-book. Um, but I did print it out so I could have the feel of turning pages, lol! Here's a little bit about the book:

Sarah Hanson's life began the day she was fired. One moment she was heading home by taxi. The next she was the arms of Gorgeous Guy, speaking with a British accent and wearing Regency-era attire. She thinks it's a dream, but as days pass she realizes that she has traveled back to a simpler time and is now the widowed Lady Billington. But life here isn't that different from the life she left behind.

Lord Drake Hayworth, is quite taken with Lady Billington. There is something most appealing about her unusual speech, her irreverence, not to mention her voluptuous curves. No matter how he desires Sarah, he is torn for he has been promised to the daughter of a good friend. A woman he must marry but will never love. And that is how he has always wanted things. Until Sarah started to disturb his peace.

For the first time, Sarah is embraced within a family who loves and cares for her deeply. Will Sarah find true love? Or will it be snatched from her by time and circumstance?

Kelly Kirch's debut novel is a wonderful tale of a contemporary woman who has been thrown into the past. Kelly's pacing and character development are spot-on and the plot will keep you reading until you reach the satisfying, and surprising, conclusion. Time for Love is available now for download at

This was not a typical time travel. Oh sure, someone traveled back in time and fell in love. But the story didn't center just around this plot. There was a great subplot involving a secondary character that added a nice edge to the story. If you're looking for a nice way to spend an afternoon, evening or weekend, I recommend you pick up Time For Love.


  1. Warm fuzzies!! Thanks Naomi. I'm reprinting your blog on mine to get the recognition out there. What an excellent review. LOL that you printed it out. When TFL comes out in print, you have a copy with your name on it.

  2. Yeah, I have this love affair with paper, lol. I want to stop killing trees but reading on the computer screen is just not the same.