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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Day After

The day after tax day, that is. Usually we get our tax information in by the beginning of March, especially if we get a refund. This year, we were finished figuring things out by March 18th. And, uh, I forgot to mail it until the 14th. But hey, I still made it in before the deadline, right?

Today is the day after Tax Day. April 16th. It was as though everyone around me breathed a huge sigh of relief. Well, except those people who forgot to submit their information. Those people are contemplating the quickest route to a country where they can't be extradited for tax evasion and where they will never have to be income tax again. Part of me wants to join them. But the responsible part of me will stay right here for now. I hate it when responsible wins. *sigh*


  1. I had my taxes done by the end of February. *patting myself on the back* but mine are simple to do, (and I pay someone to do it for me) so I just sit back and wait for the checks to arrive. lol

  2. LOL. I did my taxes as late as it can possibly be...then my mother and my brother wanted me to do theirs.

    They are all accounting majors...and they gave their taxes for me to do when I studied BS nursing, then biochemistry. Duh!