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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Books Read In May

Small Favor by Jim Butcher -- OMG! This series just gets better and better. Geeky yet some how hot hero who battles his baser side in order to fight the good fight against evil. Complex bad guys. Women, and men, in peril. This book has it all! It's really too bad JB only puts out one book a year for this series cuz I don't want to wait for more. I want it and I want it now!

Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips -- This was a reread. I love this book. It's a great, funny love story that focuses around family and forgiveness and trust. Love it!

The Hollow by Nora Roberts -- People are split about this book and this trilogy so far. Personally, I loved it! Fox is my man. One of them anyway. But I think I'm going to love Gage best. He's got a hint of bad boy and Naomi loves her bad boys, lol! Anyway, this is paranormal light, but amazing character development and a great love story.

Don't Hex with Texas by Shanna Swendson -- I'm a huge fan of Shanna Swendson's Enchanted, Inc series and really hope her editor does the smart thing and contracts her for some more books. Magic/fantasy meets chick lit in a refreshing way. Love Shanna's voice and her heroine is not a flighty shopaholic but a smart woman who loves deeply and because of that love is willing to sacrifice. Mix in some of the fantastical and you have a great storyline!

Stars of Mithra Series by Nora Roberts -- (Hidden Star, Captive Star, Secret Star) I enjoyed hte series and I think Captive Star is my favorite with Hidden Star a close second. The series became contrived with the last book, but over all, a fun way to spend a couple of afternoons.

Bikini Season by Sheila Roberts -- What do you get when you have four women who all have body issues but all love food? The Bikini Club. This is a wonderful story of camaraderie and believing in oneself. A great story.

Hunters: Heart and Soul by Shiloh Walker -- Not as good as the previous Shiloh Walker books I've read but still entertaining. I'm looking forward to meeting SW at RAW in September.

Express Male by Elizabeth Bevarly -- A cute book. And a rerelease. It's a fast read and interesting. I found myself wanting more of the secondary storyline than the main characters, but still a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer -- Okay, I like the books. I really do. But I do not understand the fascination with Edward. I feel like I need to reread the books once I finish the last one. LOL.

Without Remorse by Tom Clancy -- I like Tom Clancy. I love this book. John Clark is one of the best and most complex operatives in the history of fictional operatives. And this story shows you why. Even if you don't like political or military intrigue, read this book. Seriously.

1st to Die by James Patterson -- This is the first book in JP's Women's Murder Club series. I really liked the TV Show and wish ABC hadn't axed it. Anyway, the book was good. I'll read the series. They are quick reads, and while not overly gory, had a high enough body count to satisfy my blood lust while also having some great angst and character development that didn't focus solely on the murder investigation.

The Touch of Twilight by Vicki Pettersson -- Another amazing installment of VP's Signs of the Zodiac series. The angst is notched up and the action is sublime. I swear, with each book this alternative Las Vegas becomes more and more real. If you have not started this series and your looking for a paranormal series that has nothing to do with changlings, were-creatures or vampires, this is your series!

2nd Chance by James Patterson -- Not as impressed with the second book in JP's Women's Murder Club series, but it was a solid effort. We learn more about Lindsay's dad and there is more bonding around crime and personal crises. I hear there are some jaw-dropping moments in the third book so I'm looking forward to that.

I also read some non-fiction books in May. It was a nice month for reading. June is looking hot with several new releases of some of my favorite authors. Now, if I could figure out how to make more time for reading...

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  1. I just got in 4th of July. I'll try to read it later this month. I'm curious what will happen. I think the second book is the weakest so far. The series is quick. I like that it's quick and easy and entertaining. I like that they're four smart women. I don't think they're Patterson's best works, but they're solid.