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Thursday, January 01, 2009

One Of These Days

Isn't that what we always say? One of these days I'm going to...fill in the blank.

All through 2008 this was my mantra. My energies were focused on staying positive at work, finding a new job (still working on that one), renovations and continuing to nurture my marriage. Then I lost my job. And suddenly most of my excuses fell away. Financially, there were plenty of things I couldn't do, but I had all this time where I could knit, reconnect with friends, read books I had sitting on my shelves for months or even years. I had time to write, to build my coaching practice. To be.

And yet, looking back, I feel I squandered some of that time. I didn't write every day like I planned. I didn't network every day. I didn't pull out my Bible and read a passage every day. I didn't even get out of my house every day. I certainly didn't increase my blogging activity.

It occurred to me this week that I had bought into the there-will-always-be-time mentality. I would likely be out of work for 6 months (so say the stats) so I would have all this time to write and journal and coach. I could put off the things that weren't motivating me or were difficult. I could plan and talk and plan as much as I wanted without executing. I had goals. I had dreams. But I didn't have results.

2009 is a brand new year. And I'm going to start it off right. I am going to not just plan, but I'm going to follow through. It means changing how I think, how I plan and what I focus on. But I know deep in my heart of heart it will be worth it. I almost want to change the title of my blog because I'm not going to keep chasing inspiration, I'm going to hit it over the head!

So, how am I going to change? Well, I read on occasion this wonderful blog titled Zen Habits and the author of the blog has written a book titled The Power Of Less. Since my lay-off, I've been contemplating the theme of less being more. We aren't going through money as quickly because I've been uber-conscious of what we're spending. And we aren't missing the little things like I thought we would. I've been passing on books more than buying them and my heart doesn't hurt when I let a book out into the world like it used to. I've been simplifying some of the systems we/I have created to keep ourselves organized and on track and I feel less stress. Big duh moment here.

But what I'm getting from The Power Of Less is to learn more about goals and purpose and honing in and honing in with that laser intensity that helps to shake all the rest away so you can complete your goal(s). Part of that process is to publically commit. I'm taking the next couple of days to really figure out what my goals are and purpose is for 2009 and then I'm going to commit. Publically. Here for all to see. Keep me honest, people. Ask me the hard questions.

It's time to put an end to "one of these days" and to live with purpose and passion today. Is it going to be easy? I suspect not. But it will be oh so worth it in the end!

Happy 2009! May this be your year of purpose and passion and living in the now!

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