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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Follow the Sun

There is this amazing thing about sunflowers. When the flower is a bud, the sunflower will follow the sun across the sky over the course of the day. It somehow knows it needs the sun to grow that bud into a flower head so it tracks the sun as the sun make's its journey across the sky.
Once it flowers the head faces east. Away from the heat that could damage those tasty seeds. It protects itself against something that was once nurturing that may now be destructive.

I often think about sunflowers tracking the sun. They seem to know what they need and they know just how to get it! I wish I was more like that.

I don't always do what I know I need to. I stay up too late reading or watching TV instead of going to bed at an hour that supports good health. I don't make the best food choices. I don't always do the right thing with my time. I don't follow the sun. Or, I don't realize what I needed last week or last year isn't going to help me today. To be more deliberate about my choices, I ask myself the following questions:

  • What repents the sun in my life? What do I need more of? 
  • When does a good thing become too much? 
  • The sunflower's goal is to produce fruit (seeds). Is what I focus on getting me closer to my goal? Or further away? 

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