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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Provocative Thought Wednesday

“When I visited my brother in Ngukurr, an Aboriginal community in Australia’s Northern Territory, one of the most amazing things was to see the blanket of stars stretching from horizon to horizon. It was a powerful reminder about just how small this moment of time is compared to the vastness of the universe.”
 ~ M. B. Stanier (lifecoach and entrepreneur)

If you’ve ever tried to gaze up at the stars in the city, you know the distraction of the city lights, the cars; even smog can keep us from clearly seeing the stars. Think of these stars as our goals or the positive things in our lives. When we can’t see them clearly, it’s difficult to stay motivated or to be able to find out optimistic selves.

When we turn off the lights the stars no longer have to compete with the distraction of the city lights and we can see, them crisp and clear against the midnight sky. The same thing happens when we remove those things that distract us from our goals. These things that challenge us right now, they aren’t going to be around forever. The stars will continue to shine whether we see them or not.

Think of something that is challenging or distracting you.
  •  What happens when you clear aware the distractions? What’s the “bottom line” about your challenge
  •  When you are 95 years old, what do you want to say about your life?

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