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Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Year, No Resolutions?


  1. Murchie's Balmoral Tea - I can't drink very much coffee but I still need a wake-up call in the mornings. This tea is amazing! I'm almost out so must budget hunt to order some more. I needs my Balmoral tea!
  2. Sunshine - in the spring through early autumn months one can forget that winters in MN carry with them a dearth of sunshine, so when we have days like today when the sun is brilliant in the sky, we take advantage of them. Velcro Dog may just get two walks today.
  3. My Noise Soundscape Generator - OMG! This is the best find on the internet I've made yet! All thanks to Kait Nolan reporting about it on her blog or twitter. Maybe it was FB. Doesn't matter where, she reported it, I started using it and now my days are filled with lovely soundscapes. I even turn on the water or nature sounds when playing classical music. There is something so wonderful about running water, yes? 

Image courtesy of Feliz Salida via Flickr CC

It's a new year. 2015 to be exact. In the past I have been tempted to make all sorts of resolutions or choose a major area in my life to overhaul. I think because of the fibro and the fact that I'm still not recovered enough to work (yes, it's taking a long time. Get over it), I haven't made any such declarations. And I'm glad. 

Starting a new year doesn't automatically mean we get to start over. Or that there is this reset that can magically occur in an area of our lives. Change is something that happens every day, whether we like it or not. Its all around us. The weather changes. People change. Our pets change. Our bodies change. Opinions change. Change is good. It keeps life from becoming stagnant and dull. When I quit my job I was looking forward to some slow and easy changes. I had been running for so long at a pace of change and stress that was not healthy for me that I needed slow and steady. 

I didn't realize that slow would be microscopic at times. But I also didn't take into account the fact that even teeny tiny changes over time eventually culminate in larger changes. When I looked back at the last six months I saw some internal changes that I didn't even realize were happening. Little shifts in perspective. Nothing that my husband noticed. Nothing that jumped out and said "Ta da!" Just these little changes that are slooooooowly changing the course and direction of my life. 

Healing can take time. It all depends on the depth of the wound or the breadth of the injury. I'm not making any huge proclamations this year. Instead, I'm leaning how to enjoy who I am and to see where life takes me. I'm learning to embrace the process. Which is funny because, hey, process engineering was a big part of my job for the last decade of my life. Okay, okay, some of us are a bit slower to come to the party. At least I finally got to the right party. 

Here's to 2015! May it be a year of enjoying who we are all becoming. 

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