Chasing Inspiration

Friday, November 13, 2009

Soundtrack Friday

My friend April and I enjoy the music of Rob Thomas and this past week she was able to see him live - a fact I'm very envious about but don't hold that against her. I'm a good friend that way. Besides, I got to hear all about the concert from her the day after which was almost as good as being there.

Today's Soundtrack Friday is all about Rob Thomas. One of April's favorite songs is Little Wonders from the Meet The Robinsons movie soundtrack. It's a great song. One I wish was played more in my market. And one I wish I had on my iPod. Since I'm not one to just go and buy tunes from iTunes I end up missing out on some songs. Note to self, just go and buy the single already!

So this is for April. And because everyone needs a little Rob Thomas in their lives.



  1. I'm not pressing play because I've only gone twice without crying when I hear this song. Once, thankfully, was at the concert. :) Stupid song made me cry through the entire ending of that movie.

  2. I still have to watch the movie. It is a song that just tugs at the heat though, isn't it. Glad you were able to make it through the song at the concert without crying!