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Friday, May 28, 2010

Soundtrack Friday

I made a turning point in my story and in some decisions I've been hesitating to make in my writing life. I took a course this last winter by Bob Mayer called Warrior Writer. I didn't follow through on the course. I sort of stalled out. I find that for online courses I need to be extra diligent about getting the lectures and doing the work. Especially if the course is free because I won a scholarship. Anyway, I'm taking it again because the course is about pushing forward, taking chances and building a plan for success. I need this. You have no idea how much! It's like deep coaching for my writer soul.

With the story, Mallory's story to be exact, I made a turning point in determining who Mallory is. I've been living with this character for about 4 years, writing off and on. More off than on until this year. I always knew there was something different about her, something that edged her story into the world of paranormal fiction. And in the last two months I've discovered just what that is. I'm not sharing too much about it here because the story is still being written and as far as I know there's nothing quite like it out there. I need to be very private with the story right now so I can work it out in my head and on the page.

As I've discovered more about Mallory, I've had a song in my head that fits Mallory at a certain point in the story. There's no video for the song that I've been able to find, sorry! It's Seen Enough by Dryer. I don't know much about this group and this is the only song of their's I have heard, or so I believe. There's something wonderfully aching about this song and it really fits. Oh, I wish I could share the scene that meshes with this song. When (knock on wood) this story is finished and published I certainly will!

Without further ado, on this long weekend Soundtrack Friday, I give you Dryer and Seen Enough. Enjoy!


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