Chasing Inspiration

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Crap on a Cracker!

The power went out last night.

This wouldn't be a bad thing except I had left my current WIP open on the computer and while I thought I had saved it, when I opened it after the power came back on today, two pages were missing. And it was two pages of rewrites I had made for a major plot change. I think they are some of the best writing I've ever accomplished. And yet they are gone. Poof! Into the ether.

I'm sick over this, but figure it's God giving me a lesson in backing up and saving every thing. Early. And often. *sigh*

And I figure if I could write something amazing, I can take what I remember - the emotion behind the scene and some basic set-up material - and I can writes something equally amazing. Just different. Because there is no way I can get all the words back from yesterday.

So, I'm going to go make myself a fruity blended alcoholic beverage, put in The Bourne Ultimatum because Jason Bourne is a source of immense inspiration in his angsty hotness, and start again. And back up. And stop kicking myself in the ass because what's done is done and all I can do now is move forward, right?

I hope you all are having a better weekend than I. Celebrate the small moments this weekend. It's always good to be celebrating something! I'll raise my fruity blended drink to you during my own celebration. *grin*


  1. Hugs on the lost pages, Naomi! That sucks!

    I'm currently in the "my children are home for the summer and driving me nuts" phase, which is zapping both my creativity AND my motivation.

    I need to setup a summer schedule or I'm going to be so screwed on getting this book done by my self-imposed deadline.

  2. It totally sucks. But i'm fairly happy with what I've got going now. Of course, I'm not giving my full attention to the story. It's late and I have a daiquiri at my desk. And Bourne Ultimatum on the TV. LOL. Procrastination. Is there anything so much fun?

    I had a schedule for writing at work during lunch. Sadly, my lunches have started looking like work. I decided I need to draw a line in the sand and reclaim my lunch breaks. I can get at least an hour in that way and likely an hour at home. My goal is more a page count than an hour count.

    *raises glass*

    Here's to setting up, and being able to maintain, writing schedules.

    BTW, how is hubby doing? I'm still praying for you all.

  3. Well, that just sucks! I hope your fruity drinks helped.

  4. The fruity drink did help. However, and I don't think it's because of the fruity drink, today I feel like crap. Slept all morning. Got up and ate something for lunch. Slept for a few more hours. Now I need to shower. I'm hoping I'll be fine tomorrow. I hate to use my PTO for being sick instead of for something fun.