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Friday, June 27, 2008

SYTYCD - Lyrical Hip Hop?

Okay, so I watched this week on and off until my couple was on. Everyone on the show can dance but Chelsie and Mark move me. Sure, they are the quirkiest people ever, but they move so well together. And they let their moves tell a story. I love that about them. But then I'm big on stories. Surprise Surprise.

So, what is lyrical hip hop? Is this like a real thing? *shrugs* I don't really care. They look good, that's all I care about. *grin*

Am I the only one on the planet who had not heard this song until now? Damn! This song is perfect for my current WIP. Perfect. It sums up Mallory and her relationships so well. Another good reason to watch So You Think You Can Dance. It can lend inspiration to my writing. *grin*

I love what the judges have to say about this couple at the end of their routine, and I love learning more about what the dance was supposed to represent. Here's the longer version. It's worth watching. Even if you're sick of Bleeding Love. :)

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