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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Recovery Milestones

First, I know that gallbladder surgery is not life-threatening. It's fairly routine and recovery is fairly quick - my fibro not withstanding. Still, it's nice to have some milestones to mark recovery by. Especially since I've never had surgery before.

I got in the car yesterday and went on some errands with A. Getting in the car means twisting and sitting down. That has hurt ever since the operation. Yesterday, it still hurt, but not too bad to keep me from getting out of the freaking house. We hit the library, Home Depot and an auto supply store. Then I came home and rested for a bit. Yay for getting out of the house!

I did dishes. I hate doing dishes, but this is a great milestone because of the twisting and jiggling that happens during dish washing. Now A thinks I should vacuum but I still have an embargo on lifting, pushing and pulling.

I put on my pants by myself today! I could bend forward enough to do this by myself. So exciting! I think I may even try to shower by myself later. Well, A will need to be in the bathroom just in case. But I like the idea of being more independent.

I ate pizza last night. And eggs. I've been avoiding high protein foods and acidic foods because I have no idea what not having a gallbladder will do for my digestive system. Both were just fine! Today, I will celebrate with either a Green Tea Frappaccino from Starbucks or ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery.

I'm still napping in the afternoon and need pain meds at bedtime, but I'm only taking Advil during the day and the body is doing fairly well. No dancing for me, yet. But I'm getting better and better all the time. Phew!


  1. I'm glad you are recovering well and that the fibro is not slowing the process too much. You're in my thought, hon!

  2. Thanks, sweetie. I'm doing okay. Not super great, but I'm at work today. Tired. So tired. May go home early and then log in to do some work from home later. Gotta pace myself, right?

  3. Marti8:04 AM

    Gosh sakes, dear one...I'm so sorry hear about this crook in ye ol' road...Do take care of YOU...and get well on the sooner side...With hugs, your romance partner in crime (that means we like the same