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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cubicle Blues

They moved me from my nice, quiet office to a row of cubicles in a new building. I'm sad but adjusting.

I have a cube near a window. It's very sunny in the mornings and relatively light in the afternoons. And the set up is nice. I have enough space to spread out in, though I'm trying to keep things neat and not horde paper and stuff. Sadly, it's just outside my manager's cube. No sneaking in and out. *sigh*

I miss the office. Mostly because I could shut the door. I enjoyed shutting the door and keeping the world out while I worked. Okay, while I played.

Still, being out in a cube means I'll interact more with my colleagues, right? Well sure, if I get stop listening to music on Pandora and rip the headphones away from my ears. Let's face it, I may be a social creature, but at work I just want to hunker down, get the job done and then do some writing, some blogging, some networking. I'm not a cubicle kind of girl.

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