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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Road Trip!

This Thursday, before the butt crack of dawn, I will be getting in my car and starting a road trip toward Hungtington, West Virginia. Why? Because a friend and I are heading to Lora Leigh's Reader Appreciation Weekend, that's why!

I think this event started last year. It was designed to be a way for writers and readers to get together and have fun, without a lot of agendas or workshops like most writing conferences have. I didn't go last year, but I had heard it was a blast so when a friend told me about the registration window for this year, I jumped at the chance!

So my friend and I got in and on Thursday we are hopping in the car and driving about 14 hours to West Virginia. It's going to be fun. I love road trips. I know there are people who don't but I do. There is something wonderful about getting in a car and just driving somewhere. I love cranking up the radio and singing loudly. And badly. I love watching the world as I whiz past in my car. There is always so much to see, even if what you're driving through is farm land or open plains or cities get it. You have to be willing to see, to look, to observe. I love doing that.

My friend and I are bringing music, food, books, knitting and perhaps even movies. We'll split the driving. Which means I hope she takes the first leg because I have to get up earlier than her so I can get to her place which is an hour away, lol! I'm going to need some strong coffee.

I have no idea what to expect when we get to WV. I just know that it's going to be fun and I can choose to participate as much or as little as I want. It's not a conference. It's a gathering. And right now, I'm all about the relaxation aspect of gathering together. *g*

I will blog about the weekend when I'm done. Or perhaps while I'm there. While I'm gone, you all have a great week!

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  1. How did it go? It sounds like fun, mtng ppl who like romance and authors who write them all relaxing and having fun.