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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Books Read in January

Riptide by Margaret Carroll -- Creepy, full of secrets and sins, this book is not what I would consider a romantic suspense but hits my suspense genes in all the right places. A wonderful book full of twists and turns and desperation that coalesces in a spine tingling ending that satisfies and left me asking for more.

Walking Dead by C. E. Murphy -- Book 4 of The Walker Papers picks up almost after Joanne Walker, urban shaman and Celtic wise woman, received her calling. Joanne has grown and has a surety about her that was missing in the previous three books. She's still learning and still rushes in head first, but she realizes she needs her friends, needs her guide and can't do it all alone. I enjoyed the mystery and was intrigued by the urban fantasy aspects of the story. I think we're getting closer to understanding who The Master is. I can't wait!

What Remains of Heaven by C. S. Harris -- Sebastian St. Cyr fans, look out! Another gripping mystery leads our hero through the political intrigue, treason, and the lies that threaten to tear his soul apart. I'm not sure when the 6th book will come out, but I do hope it's soon. The suspense at the end of this book is going to kill me!

What I Did For Love by Susan Elizabeth Phillips -- a reread of SEP's latest novel. I try to reread one SEP novel a year and since I devoured this book the first time and could hardly remember what it was about, I decided this would be a great January read. It's delightful and while it doesn't delve deep into the human psyche or into issues that threaten to tear the fabric of our world apart, it does show that people can change and that love makes us strive to be better, to be whole. I like books that entertain and remind me that love is a critical element in our lives.

Unclutter Your Life in One Week by Erin Rooney Doland -- My nonfiction pick of the month is a book on, you guessed it, simplifying and organizing. Another theme from my life in 2009 that's carried over to 2010. This book is one I now need to read and do at the same time. It has concrete suggestions on how to tackle the physical, mental and systemeic distractions in all areas of our lives that cause us to be disorganized. I'm still attempting the Office Downsize Project and believe this book hold some answers.

That's it January was not a huge book month for me. February is shaping up to be a better book month. We'll see. Things are kicking into high gear with kitchen renovations so I may not have as much time as I would like to read. And that, my friends, is a scary, scary thought.


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  1. I ended up purchasing many February books despite saying I wouldn't. I'm reading Power Play right now, but I expect to move right onto Winter Garden and then we'll see where the month will take me. It could go either way in terms of quantity. Quality is looking good though.