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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Your Purpose is Showing

There is a theme creeping through my life both at home and at work. Several themes that coalesce into one - what is my purpose. That's a big concept. I've struggled off and on with defining my purpose and understanding how my dreams, values, beliefs and passions define and are defined by my purpose. I've taken courses, been coached, read books, reflected and prayed in attempts to discover just that - my purpose.

What is so important about knowing your purpose in life?

I'll answer for me. When I understand my purpose I can be more intentional. I have a foundation on which to build my decisions and choices. I can look at each job I do, each task I have and weigh it against my purpose. If my activities don't mesh with my purpose then something needs to change.

2009 was a year of stripping away layers of my life that didn't make sense any more. In doing so I've caught stronger glimpses of my purpose, not just what I want my purpose to be. I think that's important. I can want my purpose in life to be a welcoming and hospitable oasis for others but if I don't have the right talents or passions to go along with this purpose, I could very well be setting myself up for failure. Failure isn't awful - it shows us what isn't working so we can search out what will. That said, if I know in my heart that I don't have the talents or passion for being that hospitable oasis, perhaps I'm seeking out the wrong purpose for me.

Am I any closer to that definitive understanding of my purpose? Closer, yes. Defined, not quite yet. But I'm working on it.

Do you know what your purpose in life is? What has helped you to define your purpose?


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  1. You should totally look up the lyrics (or listen to the music) to Avenue Q. Princeton spends the play looking for his purpose (songs - Purpose and For Now). At the end, he realizes that he may never know his purpose, but that's still no reason to give up. He actually does find his purpose, but part of the play is all like look for your purpose, but everything is temporary and setbacks happen even if you have a purpose and motivation. If you find yours, ask it if it's seen mine around. :)