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Thursday, February 25, 2010

When Worlds Collide

I love Canadian author Margaret Atwood. I love hockey. I'm disappointed there isn't Olympic hockey coverage here in the USA on non-cable tv. So when I went looking for some clips of my Canadian boys in action I came across something different. Something that at first didn't make sense to my sleep deprived brain.

Canadians do take their hockey, and their curling, very seriously. So seriously that the CBC was able to get a Canadian literary icon to demonstrate goaltending. Margaret Atwood. In full goaltender equipment. In all seriousness. Okay, in mock seriousness, but she came off very well.

I now love Margaret Atwood even more! And boys, if you're reading this blog, and I know you are, I wish you the best as you assimilate the competition and bring home another Gold for mama. I mean, Canada! Keep your stick on the ice!


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