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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Romance Novel Quiz

I picked this up from an author bulliten board I frequent and thought the questions were interesting. If you don't read romance, don't let that stop you from completing the quiz. You can indicate any book in any genre. The more we know about what we read, the more we learn about each other. That, I'm way nosy. :)

1. One romance book you've read more than once.
Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught

2. One romance book you want on a desert island.
Dreaming by Jill Barnett

3. One romance book that made you laugh.
Aussie Rules by Jill Shalvis

4. One romance book that made you cry.
Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah

5. One romance book you wish you had written.
goodness, there are so many...

6. One romance book you wish you could alter the ending of.
It's more a women's fiction book, but it was in the romance section. Three Wishes by Barbara Delinksy

7. One romance book you are currently reading.
Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl

8. One romance book you have meant to read.
Does the Twilight series count?

9. One romance book that changed you or your views in some way.
My views havne't been changed but there are a few romances that have caused me to pause...Magic Hour, Firefly Lane, The Hindi-Bindi Club (more women's fiction, but I think it should count)

10. One romance book made into a movie that you liked both the book & the movie.
There isn't one. Though the adadptation of Nora Robert's Carolina Moon wasn't too bad.

11. One romance book made into a movie where you liked the book, but hated the movie.
Practically any other romance-to-movie adaptation.

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