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Friday, March 27, 2009

Soundtrack Friday

My husband and I don't always share the same taste in music. Oh, there are some bands we both adore and will rush out to buy their newest album or try to score tickets to their concerts. But then there are the groups I love that he thinks are awful. And the country he loves that I cringe at every time he puts on the CD. But we love each other so we allow each other to have their musical tastes and not try to change it. Much.

When I first heard today's Soundtrack Friday song, it was at my husband's urging. He had heard it on the radio and was blown away by the lyrics, the vocals, basically everything about the song. It haunted him and exhilarated him. I think I was drawn in by the haunting nature of the song and that excitement that just poured off him in waves. It's not often he gets that excited about something that doesn't involve tools. *grin*

On that day a few years ago, Mindy Smith became a part of our lives. We own all three of her albums and Come To Jesus is a song that figures prominently in the current story I'm writing. I don't care if you believe in God or the lint in your navel. The song talks about loss and fear and comfort and let's be honest, in this world, we all need a little something to hold on to. So, as you enjoy today's soundtrack, remember what it is you hold on to for hope and comfort.

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  1. How is this for coincidence? I had not heard this song before your post, and then I heard it again on the internet radio I listen to called The Ark ( Thanks, Naomi. :D