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Friday, May 15, 2009

Soundtrack Friday

Goodness, two Fridays in a row! It's a winning streak, folks!

Life's been a little busy, but in a new and different way. On Sunday, my husband and I adopted a dog. He's a great boy, needs some training, and we need to adapt to his energy levels, but after a year and a half of living life without a dog, Remy is a great addition to our family.

Today's Soundtrack Friday is all about the dogs. While I don't encourage everyone to jump up and go find a dog from a rescue or the Humane society without first evaluating what breed will best fit your lifestyle (if a dog will fit your lifestyle at all), I do recommend having the right animal in your life when you are ready. There is nothing better than the relationship that builds between a pet and their trusted and caring owner.

I am so blessed to have Remy be apart of our lives and in just under a week, I can't imagine life without him. There is still much to do to build trust and work through some obedience issues, but I know time and discipline (on all our parts), and love will get us there.

I scoured the web looking for a dog song and found this by Nellie McKay. The Dog Song is cute and fits my mood today. Here is a You Tube clip of Nellie singing. Here's to all the doggies, and their owners, who have found life long love with each other. Happy Friday!

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