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Friday, May 22, 2009

Soundtrack Friday

Well, at least I'm consistently getting my Friday post out. That and walking New Dog twice a day seem to be all I'm consistent with these days. I really really want some of my routine back. And am so very excited for a long weekend! How about you?

Today's Soundtrack Friday is about the video more than the song. I had never heard of this group before someone posted the video on one of the reader boards I frequent. The music is soft and soothing yet sensual and makes me want to float gracefully and deliberately about the room. The visuals in the video are stunning. Flemenco is a dance that's not performed much in North America, and that's just sad. The women who dance in the video are strong, precise, elemental and fluid. They make me want to stand up tall and embrace all it means to be a woman. And reminds me that women are strong and fluid and elemental. We don't fit into neat little boxes with tidy labels. I needed to be reminded of that this week - without a lecture from well meaning friends. And this video did the trick.

So I bring you Iron and Wine and their Flemenco inspired video, Boy with a Coin.

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