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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

I'm a proud Canadian living abroad. Yes, I consider the USA abroad. lists abroad as "in or to a foreign country or countries" and since I'm not American, the USA fits that definition quite nicely. On Saturday my adopted country will celebrate their independence with backyard barbeques, family gatherings and fireworks. Lots and lots of fireworks.

Most of the time I love the country I have chosen to call home. I love the people I have met and the opportunities afforded me. And I love my husband, who is very much an American. But days like today make me long for some good Canadian fellowship. I miss the humour, the knowing silences when watching the news, the nationalism and the sense of community. I miss the chocolate and the fries with cheese curds. I miss malt vinegar as a condiment served with fries. I miss pop being made with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. I miss Canadian Coke. I miss Good Host iced tea and Mackintosh's toffee. I miss Canadian beer - oh do I miss it! I miss my mom and family. Especially on days like today.

What makes today different? It's Canad
a Day! The day day where four of the Canadian colonies banded together and decided that they wanted to form a federation with its own government while still under the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom. This occured back on July 1, 1867. On July 1, 1868 Canadians celebrated the first anniversary of confederation, and Canada was in essence born. It didn't become a national holiday until much, much later, but we were able to become our own nation with our own government in a peaceful manner. Not saying the Americans and others were wrong to stage a revolution. Just saying sometimes, if the conditions are right, you can pull away from the mothership in a peaceful and lasting manner.

I wish you all a Happy Canada Day! It is a day to celebrate what it means to be a Canadian. And to celebrate partnerhip and unity. Have a goon one, eh!

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