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Friday, August 07, 2009

Soundtrack Friday

I was by no means a rocker back in high school. I enjoyed pop and folk rock and what is now considered classic rock. I stayed away from metal, but enjoyed a few of the hair bands and don't regret admitting that. There was one band that I loved that didn't fit in with the other groups/artists I listened to on a regular basis. When people discovered I was a fan they would look at me differently, like I was an oddity or a conundrum. Which was fine with me. I was a girl at odds with herself much of the time.

The band is Aerosmith. I'm not and never will be a groupie. I've never seen them in concert. I have owned their albums on sweet old fashioned vinyl and CD. I love their music. There have been points in my life where a song by Aerosmith has spoken to me in ways no other song could. As I drove in to work, I was thinking about some life events and how to translate my own inner angst to Mallory to give her a believable reaction to a certain situation in the story. When Dream On played on the radio I found my answer! I do love a music induced epiphany. *g*

Dream On is such a melencholy song with a sense of hopelessness and hope. A dichotomy that is mirrored in our lives. And for a song written when I was but a pup, the lyrics and emotion in the song are just as valid in today's world as they were in 1973. For Mallery, and for myself, the tone fits the life events. And the chorus punches home:
Sing with me, sing for the years
Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears
Sing with me, if its just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good lord will take you away
On this rainy and melencholy Friday I give you Aerosmith and their first hit single Dream On


  1. I'm not an Aerosmith fan, but I do like this song. Good choice! My friend was obsessed with them in high school. I always was just shy of loving them.

  2. They were a group you either loved or you didn't. I do love this song. I pause to just listen every time it comes on the radio.