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Friday, August 14, 2009

Soundtrack Friday

It's summer and I've hardly done any summer activities this year. No heading out to the beach with friends on a lazy afternoon. No bonfires or picnics. No trips to the cabin. No camping. I blame it on the humongous-renovation-project-that-will-not-end. Weekends are taken up with work days. Evenings are for planning, shopping, decision making. We think this will be the last summer we have to sacrifice on the alter of home improvement. It better be, after all, this is our 5th summer in a row of being slaves to the house.

All of this got me thinking about what I used to dream about summer. When I was back in college, summers were for working hard and playing hard. When I was working in K-12 special education summers were for relaxing and rejuvenating. Now summer is a time when it's hot and humid and the air conditioning runs all the time. It's just another season. Nothing special. Except for the rush to finish house projects before fall madness kicks in.

There is one song I hear on the radio that always makes me pause and enjoy the moments of summer. It's a song of lost love and desperation. And to some degree obsession. But it's got a nice rhythm and the melody is pure lazy summerness to me. And if I can find a way to use this song in a soundtrack for one of the stories I'm writing, you know I will!

For today's Soundtrack Friday I hope you enjoy Don Henley and The Boys Of Summer

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  1. Nice one! I even liked the cover by The Ataris.