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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Testing My Mettle

Remember waaaaay back when I started a goal process for decluttering the home office? My goal was to have surfaces decluttered by August 2nd. And I had promised publicly that I was going to have weekly updates. Including pictures.

That was on July 15th. And then nothing was heard from me about this topic again. There have been a few blog posts posted since then but I'll tell you a secret - I post the "Soundtrack Friday" and "Books Read In" posts way ahead of time. This way I know I'll have something on my blog every week. I don't do that with my other posts. Those are created more on the fly.

So, what's up with my internet silence? On July 21st I fell down a flight of stairs in the building where I work. I was on my way home and something threw me off balance and BAM! Next things I knew I was at the bottom of the stairs, my bags in a pile around me, my cell phone in two pieces and my body hurting so bad I was sure I had broken my legs. Much embarrassment, pain and drama later, I was assured all I had done was bruise muscle, bones and twisted my knee and two ankles. Not sprained, mind you. No breaks or fractures, Not even a concussion. Yes, I was in an ocean of hurt, but things could have been much, much worse.

I spent the better part of a week just healing. Worked from home, slept a lot. Then two weeks were spent gaining mobility. This week I can walk with just a little limp but I still can't put any pressure on my shins. It hurts like the blazes! So no kneeling. Even bending down and crouching hurts. And the office, well, it's still a mess.

This life event has really tested me and my flexibility. I'm good at making goals. I'm good at working toward keeping and meeting those goals. What this tumble down the stairs has reminded me is that I'm not so great with adapting when life tests my goals. Sometimes we need to stick to our guns and push on through so we can attain our objectives. Other times, like these past few weeks, you need to reassess and create new goals based on new information or new life circumstances.

Adapting our goals doesn't mean we have failed. It means the goals no longer fit the situation. Life isn't static. It stretches and grows and expands and contracts in all directions while we plod along. The wise person takes the changes in life into account and is nimble and flexible. I'm not that wise yet, but I'm getting there.

Later this week I'll post my revised goals. I don't know about pictures yet. I'm still trying to find the cord to my camera. It's likely under one of the piles of paper on my desk. *sigh*

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