Chasing Inspiration

Friday, October 02, 2009

Soundtrack Friday

Fall is definitely upon us. Which is a great thing because I love fall. I love the change of colors, the crisp edge to the weather. I'm a huge fan of fall fruit and veggies. Apples, squash, beans, garlic, pumpkin, persimmon, quince. I adore the crunch of leaves beneath my feet and the smell of rich earth, turned and plowed and ready to rest over the winter. As fall deepens, there is the smell of woodsmoke and the delight of fires - in a fire pit or in a fireplace. There's the lacework carved onto windows by frost. There's the need to pull out wool scarves, hats and mittens and tromp around with wisps of breath puffing about your face.

Yes, I love fall. And fall brings to mind the moving Sliding Doors for some reason. I don't know why. I don't recall if it takes place in fall, but it feels like a fall movie to me. When I think of Sliding Doors I think of Dido and her song Thank You. I love Dido for the simplicity and complexity of her lyrics, for the accessibility of the music and because I can actually sing along with her because her range is similar to my own - as lacking in talent I may be.

And I love this song because it's a little sad and a little happy and perfect to welcome in fall. I hope you enjoy today's soundtrack - Thank You by musical artist Dido.


  1. I love that song! Actually, I bought it after buying eminem's cd, but that's a whole different story. :) I love Sliding Doors, too.

  2. I bought the CD after watching the movie, which I rented years after it was on the big screen. I want the DVD of sliding doors. It's another one of those "rainy day" movies. :)