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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why Nathan Fillion Rocks

It's no secret, I have a huge crush on fellow Canadian and amazing actor, Nathan Fillion. I first saw him on One Life To Live and followed his career from the get go. I adored Firefly. I loved his guest spot on Buffy. I even thought Two Guys and A Girl was cute. I cheered him on in the short lived Drive. And I was thrilled to death when ABC announced he would be staring in their new dramady. Seriously, the world is a better place because of Nathan Fillion.

One of the many reasons Nathan Fillion rocks is because of his rapport with his fans. He Tweets some of the most amusing things and even though I'm sure he would rather never be asked about Firefly ever again, he tosses in some nods to his fans. Like this week's episode of Castle. In about the 6th minute of the program, people are entering an apartment and donning those blue latex gloves to keep the crime scene safe from additional finger prints. After his gloves are donned he flashes two peace signs. But wait, those aren't really peace signs. No, he's miming a line from Firefly that any fan should know - two by two, hands of blue. Don't believe me, check out his Twitter.

Brilliant! And yet another reason why I love Nathan Fillion. If I weren't happily married I might try to hunt him down and beg to have his babies. Thankfully, I am happily married so I can save myself that embarrassing stalkerish conversation. Phew!

Nathan, as long as you keep doing that wonderful thing you do the world is a much, much better place. Of course, as a Canadian, you already know that, don't you? Yeah, Canadians are cool like that.


  1. And let's not forget the fabulous, the wonderful Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog. Ah yes.....

  2. I can't believe I completely forgot about Dr. Horrible! Let's have a moment of silence to think upon the awesomeness that is Nathan...

  3. I love it in the opening/first season when he says, "you know, I am ruggedly handsome". It makes me giggle every week. I've finally stopped calling him Joey, too. :) Yummy!

  4. April, I get all fangirl when I see that opening. Hee! And it was difficult to not call him Joey since that's who he was for a while there. :)

    Oh, just saw his tweet about Jonathan Frakes directing. That totally made my day!