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Friday, October 09, 2009

Soundtrack Friday

This week has been a strange one for me. My husband is working later than normal. The weather is crazy cold for the beginning of October. Velcro Dog is extra clingy. And my brain keeps jumping from one thought to another as though each thought were a shiny object and I were a magpie, trying to catch and play with them all. Definitely strange.

I decided to veer off the path of finding a song that matched the soundtrack of what I'm writing and pick a song that will make me smile and give a glow to the day.

Today's Soundtrack Friday is because my friend Shannon always makes me smile and loves Bon Jovi. And because this song has a great beat and I can't listen to it without a grin on my face.

I give you Bon Jovi and It's My Life.

And for those of you who also love the TV show Glee, I give you the Glee version of the song in a mash up with some other song that I don't really care about as much. LOL!


  1. Fun! My friend is a big Bon Jovi fan (maybe not as big as Shannon, but she's also younger). I missed the last concert for some reason or another so she went with another friend of ours. I've been told that I in for the next tour which may be as early as the beginning of the year. :) I haven't seen Glee yet from this week. Maybe this weekend.

  2. I really loved the Glee version and I usually do not like it when people cover Jovi tunes. But that show is so fun that I can overlook it. LOL

    I do think they are going on tour early in the new year. I hope so anyway! The new record is out November 9. Not that I'm counting down or anything.

  3. I'm still waiting for your Bon Jovi Must Have Songs cd, Shannon. LOL! I figure I'll get it some day. I am way behind in my Bon Jovi love and don't own a single album - Bad Naomi!

    Glee did such a fun job with the cover, I had to smile. And I swear next time I'm going to a concert. Wanna come up my way and go with me? :)