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Monday, June 01, 2009

New Additions

We lost our dog about a year and a half ago. He was my baby and filled a need I had to nurture. Yes, I humanized the poor boy, but he lived 14 long and wonderful years with us so I don't think I damaged him too badly. I'm sure the Dog Whisperer would disagree. :-)

We waited almost a year and a half to get another dog. We wanted to be sure we weren't replacing Denali. There's just no way he could be replaced. We wanted to be able to welcome another dog into our home and love that dog for itself. New quirks and all. So we waited, and waited and eventually the house wasn't lonely anymore and I didn't call Denali when I got home from work. It was great to not have to plan going out around a pet's schedule. Novel, even. You see, Denali had been with us since before we were married. Until 2008 I had no idea what life was like with just my husband and myself. It was kind of nice.

Fast forward to the day we ran into friends who had a wonderful dog. I don't remember the breed, but he was the size of a small Labrador and was quiet and behaved wonderfully and was so very loving. My husband got kicked in the chest with the knowledge that our home wasn't quite complete anymore. Me, I was content to live life the way it was for a little while. I still missed Denali and wasn't sure I was emotionally ready for another animal.

Enter Remington. The internet is a dangerous place, and is like crack when you are looking for a pet. My husband checked it out night after night until he found this happy and intelligent looking lab/vizsla mix named Remington. And by Mother's Day he convinced me to drive an hour outside our city to the shelter that housed him for a visit. And two hours later we were on our way home with our new dog.

It's been three weeks since that day and I'm forced to admit that Remington is filling a hole I wouldn't admit was there. He's kind and gentle and while he's not great on the leash yet, he has this wonderful energy that blends perfectly with our own. We hope he graces our lives for many years to come.

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  1. Aw, he's a good-looking boy. He looks so different from Denali which I guess is good. Pets have a way of making their individuality known. We thought we'd never get over our first family cat and yet the second just steam rolled right into our hearts. Remy seems like a sweetie.