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Friday, June 19, 2009

Soundtrack Friday

Yesterday I had a bout of reoccurring earwormitis. And it was a song that I enjoy so I was hoping to end the madness before I started hating what has become a critical song in my current story. A friend offered the following suggestion - try to hum a Debbie Gibson song. His rationale is that he cannot recall the lyrics to a Debbie Gibson song without outside help so the act of trying to come up with the song clears his mind of all previous musical oddities and makes his world right again. I'm paraphrasing and taking some creative lisence so, if that wasn't the true intent of your words, Jason, I'm sorry. *grin*

I am happy to say that Debbie Gibson was indeed a cure for my particular earworm. Of course, now I have the following song in my head, but my brain will soon lose interest so all is okay. I had to hunt around a bit for the video to this song and in doing so revisited some interesting things from my youth. The shoulder pads. The hats. The fingerless gloves. The hair. God, the hair. The big shirts. The stirrup pants and leggings. Especially under skirts. Youch! There are somethings from the 80s that should stay firmly buried in the 80s.

I can't tell you where I was when I first heard Only In My Dreams. I can tell you that I played it cool when hearing the song out in public and sang into my hairbrush at home. Yes, I will admit it, I was a closet Debbie Gibson fan. The slickly packaged pop sucked me in and the lyrics, simple and run of the mill though they may have been, were easy to recall and sing along with. I have no doubt that Deb is talented. Her various runs on Broadway have proven this. And I have to give the girl her due - at 16 she wrote, performed and produced an album, a record as the youngest person to have done so that is still held today. But I usually snicker and turn the other way when some "oldies" stations plays one of her songs on the radio. Can you believe that late 80's are considered old? Hold on to your electric youth, my fellow children of the 80s revolution! Hold on tight!

So, thank you Jason for this walk down memory lane. And thank you Debbie (Deboroah) Gibson for being the original Pop Princess and bringing the world such boppy songs as Only In My Dreams. Happy Friday!

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  1. I can't say I was a huge fan, but the songs were catchy. I liked the follow up songs to Shake Your Love, but I hated that song. The boy was a fan and owned one of the cassette tapes, I believe. :)