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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

In Other News

Sometimes the thing you want least happens to be the thing you need the most.

In the last couple of years I've been fighting with my muse on my current WIP. I didn't want to write paranormal. Or fantasy. Or urban fantasy. I wanted to write a nice women's fiction story. A homecoming story. Something uncomplicated yet meaningful. Instead I kept hitting a brick wall at every turn.

It turns out that's because the story is urban fantasy meets post-modern inspirational fiction. Which means this story is going to be complex and twisty and possibly not be a stand alone book. It also means I have no idea how to market this thing once it's done. Great. A writer who is aiming for publication who now has no clue if this book that's been burning inside her is even going to find a place in the market. Nice one.

I battled it out with my muse for months but my muse finally wrestled me to the ground and I am writing some sort or paranormal/urban fantasy/supernatural book. And learning to love it. I'm not a strong plotter so I know it may take longer to write this book than originally planned. That could bum me out but I'm taking a word or two of advice from one of my favorite paranormal/urban fantasy authors - Marjorie M. Liu. I'm diving into the labyrinth and trusting my instincts while finding the heart of the story.

Maybe I'll learn to outline as I go. Or plot. But for now I'm not letting that gap in my skills keep me from moving forward. Wish me luck! I fear it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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