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Friday, September 18, 2009

Soundtrack Friday

My new favorite show of the season is Glee. What is not to love? High school angst. Forbidden or unrequited love. Popular kids struggling with the pack mentality. Teachers struggling with school politics. Everyone defining their dreams and wondering if the cost is truly worth it. Oh, and the music! I love the music.Brings me back to college. :) If they did more 80's cuts maybe I would be transported to my own woeful high school days.

Outside of the entertainment value of Jane Lynch as cheerleading coach and top dog Sue Sylvester having it out with underdog and glee fanatic Will Schuester (who has an...interesting family life), the music and choreography are top notch and the drive to succeed and make a mark is played out on the small screen so convincingly that despite the obvious comedic roots of the show there is a drama bubbling softly. Layers upon layers.

I love that about some of my favorite TV shows, movies and books. Those layers that sneak up on you and surprise you with depth and understanding of human nature. I want to write like that. And live like that. With depth. And laughter. Like Will Schuester says, you may not always be the star, but you should always have fun.

For today's soundtrack Friday I give you the cast of Glee performing Journey's Don't Stop Believing. And wish you a weekend full of layers and possibilities.


  1. Okay, I so want you to catch me up with a synopsis because hearing you talk about this show, I really want to start tuning in. I caught a bit tonight, but it always helps having the 1st season.
    I love that about the dramas and sit comes these days. I love, love, love that it's like a long story-- kinda like a book-- but it makes catching up in the middle very hard.

  2. Naomi! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Glee!! Last night was great!! My favorite part? When the Cheerios' coach revoked the cheerleader's tanning privileges! Classic!

  3. Tracy - That scene was classic! I can't wait to see what Jane Lynch does next. *g*

    Mel - You've only missed three episodes of the show. It premiered with one episode in June, repeated that episode three weeks ago. they are all online at as well. And maybe

    Here is a link to the show's website. It's a pretty good synopsis! Better than what I could summarize. :)

    I know you will love it!