Chasing Inspiration

Friday, December 04, 2009

Soundtrack Friday

There's a song making it's way through the air waves of America. It sounds peppy and upbeat. It talks about fireflies and what could be more whimsical than those sultry lightening bugs? When the song plays I see people bop at the desks, sway on the street. Every one has a little lilt to their step.

I did to, still do when I hear the song on the radio. The music really grabs me and makes me want to smile. Then I listen closely to the lyrics. They aren't really upbeat. They are more puzzling then peppy. And sound to me like the late night ponderings of someone who likes to live in that in between place before sleep, someone who might have odd and disturbing dreams and who relies on these fireflies to keep him safe by surrounding him with their whimsy.

Of course, I may be reading way too much into the lyrics. They could simply be an interstellar recipe for soup.

I do like this song. Apparently, so does Mallory's friend Jason. Jason is the main male character in Mallory's story. He's a man of the cloth who is dealing with a crisis of identity and faith. This song shows how on the outside he's the same man he's always been but on the inside he's dealing with things that are unsettling and looking for that anchor to hold him in the storm. He's also looking for a way to reconcile two different desires within himself. Aren't we all? :-)

I had a hard time reaching into Jason's character until I had listened to this song a few hundred times at work while it was on continuous loop at someone's desk. Amazing how inspiration comes from almost anywhere, isn't it?

On today's Soundtrack Friday I give you Owl City and their latest hit Fireflies. If you haven't heard the song yet, where on earth have you been hiding? I mean, it is literally everywhere!

Enjoy the pep and dance a little in your chair today while you listen. Sometimes you just need to tap your toes to know all is well.



  1. its pretty cool....i get it

  2. I actually rarely listen to the radio and heard it on VH1's countdown. I had no idea it was so popular (because so rarely is anything I enjoy) until I saw it was #1 on iTunes and many other countdowns as well. It's an adorable song and deserves all the attention.